PCB Bans

Hello my fellow congrads,
I have had an idea currently about the banning of players. I think that all players should make the decision including the staff members. All appeals should be made in court and a /jail should be put into order just incase there isn’t a mod+ to ban or unban a player. There should be electives to the PCB system of court. This system would help a lot with law and order and help to keep the rules stable. /jail would also contain the misbehaving player and mute him/her until ready for the decision of the players and staff. Also this would help limit all the banning and mishaps going on. Witnesses can be called up to stand to appeal against the defendant in that case. Thank you for the opportunity, hope you all like my idea.

Your fellow PCB citizen,

I don’t think this would be a good idea…the PCB Forum Ban Appeal system works just fine. and this wouldn’t help enforce any rules about players using different accounts to getting into PCB…


I’d go into depth, and explain the flaws, but right now I’m a bit lazy.

So Ill just copy and paste what Vex said.

Although fun, and perhaps humorous, the idea is difficult to implement, as it takes a great deal of time and organization to get all involved on the server. That is essentially what the forum is for.

The forum ban appeals ARE the court, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with ban-ee and ban-er any more effectively through other means which is why its done via forum

Yeah, nope. We have a fairly good system as is. In a real court, the plaintiffs/defendants don’t get a vote, but they are allowed to sway the judges/jury. We view the ban appeals as the swaying if possible. So the banned player gets a chance to change the way the officials (staff) think about said player.

this part seems to have been forgotten.

It could be useful for Members+ to have some sort of command which temp-bans or reduces to guest perms.
Obviously incorrect use would result in a permaban.

This would be misused far too easily by any player. Even with permanently banning someone who misuses it, the costs outweigh the benefits. There is always that one person who would abuse that. The reason why we have that only available to staff is to ensure that only people that are trustworthy with these powers can actually use them to help the server. I understand you’re trying to think of good changes, however this will cause more problems than solutions sadly.

there are ppl who get on just to actually get banned they insta grief anything they find. you want to spend all your time and effort on a person like that? when some staff can just ban it in a second?

Our ban system works perfectly fine as is. The only issue is when staf aren’t online, but staff have been encouraged to be as active as possible.

Not only would including “all members” in a banning be impractical, but it would also be ridiculous. IF we gave even slight powers of banning to non-staff, there would be no need FOR staff, and then bias and unfair banning due to people not liking one another would become commonplace.

Our ban system is perfect as-is. Don’t need to fix what isn’t broken.


What we have for appeals is fine.

Nobody below Mod is getting /jail or /kick or any other staff command, because it will get abused.

I’m gunna lock this now.