PCB 2016 Summer Olympics Input

                                     [b]Update-Instructions. if you would like to participate in the games, please state the following in the order below:

In Game Name:
City Name:
Number Of Participants From City:[/b]

yes, as you can tell by the name of this post i was wondering what everyone’s input on this would be.
in other words…

i plan for Portland to host the 2016 Summer Olympics PCB Addition. i whbilbo and Jumpa_Jumpa are currently planning out an olympic park, with a main stadium a secondary one and 3 smaller venues, with an already halfway completed athletes village.

i just would like for everyone to have their own input on this, ( Staff, Community )

please comment what you think. and any questions!

-thanks! whbilbo

I think it would be awesome if portland hosted the Olympics! If you can make it I’ll be happy to help!

yes plz

I had a cool design Idea for an Okympic Village maybe I could help? ;>

I LOVE building stadums, Id love to pitch in

I’m more than happy to help when I can!

Remember guys, the actual olympics are near us so we can’t let this attempt to.p build everything fade away. I reckon we can do it this time!

I think its an amazing idea! I would be happy to help if you need any help! =D

Once again before I Forget this Whb I’m gonna get some schematics for the firework, water & Beacon Lightshow as soon as someone explains to me how to put up a pic without imgur Hint Hint

I think a Portland Venue would be very nice. We have enough land now, and plenty of time to build a stadium and venue outside of it. We also have volunteers, and we’ve talked of this subject before and we’ve drawn up ideas. I’m all in.

R.I.P Boston Olympics 2024

I would like to participate too :smiley:

GO Portland!!!

here’s the format if everybody makes it idk IF

Name: ItzAndre_13

City Name: Oakland

of Participants: 1

[b]Here Is An Example :smiley: ( Not Final )

Name: whbilbo
City Name: Portland

Of Participants: whbilbo[/b]

this is to avoid confusion of people competing in multiple cities at once

In Game Name: jmvvana

City Name: Budapest

Number Of Participants From City: 4

Don’t know 100% how the P.C.B thread works but stadium 1 is pretty much done, just some finishing touches are needed (10:03PM 3/6/2016) -Lyoko42

Nice job buddy on your first post! Glad to hear the stadium is done too.