PC Press -- February/March Edition.

Sorry for the delay on this one folks, had some issues in real life that got in the way.

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If you would like to submit something to the next PCP issue, please contact someone on the PCP media team.

Looking good as usual.

Looking forward to all the new stuff coming.

Good stuff.

YAY! Trusted promotions were added :D.

Great Journal Lewis.


looks good, RIP Guide rank

I like the new issue, Lewis and other writers. I like the transition to bungeecord.

Thank you, Dan.

Glad I had a chance to be guide.
Here lies the Guide rank

Well done everyone! But I’m sure there were more people that got promoted. ???

Wait what
No more Guide rank? :open_mouth:
I liked it ;(

Wonderful surprises in this edition :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool. Helped me want to play a little. Nice job guys


Maybe the “ranks” board needs a little update :I

rip i was promoted too but that’s ok

Slipped you in there.
If anyone catches any more errors, just let on of the PCP people know.

thanks ferfy

Marco SOP upgrade?

This was after this issue. We’ll include it in the next.