patr479b and SarahWarncke

Minecraft Username: patr479b and SarahWarncke

Date of Ban: they didnt set a date on patr479b but on SarahWarncke 4/25/2020

Banned by: tomicalover

Reason for Ban: greifing in survival and alternativ account for SarahWarncke i think

Reason to be Unbanned: why would I ever do it again, I have learned my lesson do not Greif, otherwise you will be banned forever and I really love building cities it’s my favorite thing in the world I think I have created like 15 worlds with only city buildings, and I really miss community

Previous appeals: no not on this server at least

and i also pointed out my other account my self no one else would have done that so that is kinda trust worth like almost everyone else would’ve just played on their unbanned account


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patr479b, as the grief was minor and you have had a lot of time to reflect on your ban, I think you have sufficiently understood the consequences of griefing. I will be unbanning both of your accounts as of today. Please be aware, however, in the future, use of an alternate account when you are banned is a serious offense. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t use patr479b during your ban as I discovered the account shortly after banning you. Just something to keep in mind for the future. Welcome back.