patopotatoa - 19/03/13


Minecraft Username patopotatoa

Date of Ban 19/03/13
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Hardtoforget

Reason for Ban I asked if they could unban someone else

Reason to be Unbanned I am very sorry for asking that and I understand you and I hope that you understand me and unban me please

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you must of done other things than just ask for an unban. Even hard wouldnt ban for such a little thing. He may of banned you for pestering him or swearing/threatening him/the server

You aren’t on the ban list…

This was on Vanilla. A player was banned and players constantly kept rejoining asking for him to be unbanned. So I IPBanned.

Lmao, your probably staying banned. JUST SAYING

Yeah you should probably stay banned, just like all the others that get banned for doing this…