Hai people, on classic today Ocram mentioned about passwords for accounts, so i thought about what if from rank builder/advbuilder you have to set your self a password, like yersturday i got hacked. I did change my password but like what about if they do it again? I think it would be a very very good idea to do it due to, if we did have a password from yersturday nothing would of happend except from the chat, and they wouldn’t of undo all of my mansion work, and all that. So i will make a poll, and it would be good if you guys could answer the poll, as well as make a reply, saying what choice you have chosen and why you have chosen it, lets say someone chooses yes, they make a reply saying, I have chosen Yes because, this is a great idea exc exc exc.
So ill leave it for you guys to vote :smiley:

That or you could be smart and just make sure no one else knows your password instead of making jt difficult for everyone else.

… If you got hacked, it’s not “telling your password to someone” its being hacked… Where you don’t know who has done it and how… And if that dosn’t help then google what does hack mean ;o

Minecraft accounts are heavily guarded through Mojangs system. It would require a very skilled hacker and would definatly not be an attempt that would go by unnoticed. I’m 99.9% sure this person did not hack you. but instead just found your password. Secondly , if someone hacked you, why would they hack you in particular and not someone of more popularity, why not a premium account, and why to only grief a classic server. Knowing someone’s password is not being hacked. Your IP was similar to the “hacker” so it must be someone you know. furthermore, your supposed “Account Hack” was not a hack at all, just someone knowing your password.

/setpass (password)
/pass (password)

Good idea but dont you think if a hacker can hack your minecraft account and pass then they can do the same with this?


There is always a brute force method. It is possible she was Hacked as I was a while back. My password was too simple and it probably took the person less than a day to break it.

The best advice here is to follow strong password principles. Use letters, numbers, and symbols in your pass. Make it at least 8 characters in length too. I know someone who sets his to 40. Yes, he has to type a whole paragraph!

mine is simple for me but REALLY hard for anyone who dosn’t know me.

Its the main two characters of a TV show
Capitalized in the beginning, and 4 random numbers.

for example:


SwordMaster_ Just hacked shadows account…


.> not that stupid.

Thats more like on the Credit Card commercials and the card belongs to John Doe card number 1234567890012