Part of my city taken and given to someone else?

Earlier I found out a section of New Hanson, my city, was given away to Fallen_Maiden. Fallen put lots of work in to this area, and that’s great and all. But I was told by Fallen that he had talked with AGx and Jmvvana and they had supported the making of the area he built in its own city.
Now, firstly. Since when does AGx have the self-entitlement to take part of someones city without asking, around 1/4th of the city at that, to give it to someone else? Just because someone built most of the area doesn’t mean its their city. I started the development, its right next to the very first road I built in the city. And in no right can this be taken.
I was not consulted when this decision was made. Everything I know I heard from Fallen.
I will challenge this to the very end.
Thank you.

Ok, you listen up John. I agree with you on all this BUT: Please no swearing on the forums.

Sweden, while you’re upset, things can be resolved much better if you’re not bitching us out over it.

Poor attitudes don’t help. relax and wait for AG.

If I’m correct in this interpretation. John (TheKingofSweden) had granted permission to Fallen_Maiden to originally build in that area. Everything built was technically in New Hanson land and therefore Johns land/property also.

It doesn’t matter if Fallen_Maiden had put a lot of effort or built a lot, John founded the city and granted land to Fallen_Maiden to build on. It’s still New Hanson.

Look if you put in perspective of your own city. You found our own city and ask for people to help build in it, it’s still your city even if they did build around 1/4 of it.

I don’t see Fallen logic in thinking that he can just start his own city within another one simply b/c he built a large area. He could have perhaps asked John to make it into a district or something that recognised Fallens efforts more or something like that.

Although I’m not sure I know the whole story. Was just summarising some views/sentiment also shared in the server.

I don’t know why I am being mentioned. Yes I did listen to the concern being raised but I did not suggest anything other discuss this issue amongst yourselves because I really don’t understand what is going on with all this consulting and decisions.

I’m writing this for King, (He needs a break) From what I understood he said that you allowed @Fallen_Maiden to turn Arcadia Island in NewHanson (Johns City) into their own city.

EDIT: My apologies, Due to Johns Post Below
EDIT2: Due to the confusion with Lucite/v. Confederacy [United Arabian Empire Is being shut down 48 Hours.]

If that is the case Fallen lied about you approving him to turn Arcadia in to its own city. I apologize for what I said to you. I was under the impression you approved Fallen to take the area.

What I’m beginning to understand here is that Fallen_Maiden may have taken AGx out of context.


Just to clear up the confusion on the topic:
I did not understand AGx’s words!! (my fault!! :-[)
I did not claim I owned it, I owned the area and governed it.
John had told me how he was organizing the districts to have their own warps so it would be easier to get to each one, giving each one a sort of city status set to each owner of each district/city center.
At one time John gave me permission to change it into a city, then took it back and ended up calling it a city center, which had all the traits and was similar to a city.

I’m sorry for any confusion on my part.

Update: John has banned me from any cities following the Confederacy!
To John: Really, is this how you want to handle it, this speaks volumes of your character, and why I left.

I have said it before, and said it again… al this confederacy and country bull shit causes problems. If you can’t play nice together, don’t play.

John, it seems you are at the root of several of these types of issues lately, of having people build a shitload of things for you, and then you claim entire ownership, then kick them out for some reason. It occurs to me that you are tyring to govern more than anything, and it is causing issues.

Countries and nations are not allowed, as this was discussed at great length a while ago. Please end them immediately.

Just a question to clarify your meaning: Has is become a rule that nations and countrys arnt allowed anymore?

It’s been that way for a while. IIRC my 6th Alliance has gotten away with it by not actually doing anything. You wanna be a part of it? Cool! I’ll have a look, if I like, you get your name on a sign in Ceres (when my computer is fixed it’ll be moved to Hokkaido). End of story.

If someone’s using nations etc. to lord over peoples’ builds, and act like a town owner when they basically aren’t, then that’s not allowed.

Thanks Asmo, that is exactly it :slight_smile:

We hadn’t been doing this, or at least I hadn’t nor would I ever- And I do understand, if the nations are causing problems to the community and welfare of the server, we can halt them at any notice. I’m deeply sorry for any inconvenience, and I hope that this will not lead to any trouble or mistrust down the line of myself, or anyone affiliated.

Thank you, and again I’m very sorry for the problems that have happened. We had been working to fix them, but if a ban on nations is in effect, we won’t hesitate to stop operations. Just notify me if that is the case. Thank you!


Um, I don’t think you understand. The buildings were in my town, I didn’t try to order the owner of another town to do anything with their town and would never do that.