Park City - Oakridge - Hope - and possibly Rancho Metro Area

So in Park City, Oakridge, Hope, and possibly Rancho, talk between me, Angelelelel, odious, Yoshio, and Sticky has been going on about forming a metro area with the 3, and possibly 4 cities. This is the main post for that topic.

So the reason I made this post is because of an idea i had. Maybe the area can form a micronation or state, and it can have counties. Because of the size of Oakridge and Park City, maybe those 2 cities c an have 2 counties.

PC –
Downtown and Res-Downtown: Parkcity County
Residential/Suburban: Desmesa County

Oak –

idk yet, ask odious

So if you are involved in this, post here, we need your say.


Park City, Hope, and Oak Ridge will NOT be involved in any sort of political body (micronation, state, etc.). We’ve done so in order to keep the city open to all builds. Internally, we’ve loosely grouped Oak Ridge, Park City, and Hope into the Hope Metropolitan Area, but this is merely to make talking about it convenient and is NOT an official political/geographical area.

We are open to interconnections with Rancho Cucamonga, but we will not be changing any sort of architectural styles and/or infrastructure styles within city borders.

Thus, please rename this thread accordingly.

Maybe no micronation, but maybe counties, even sections?

No, we’re not planning for any sort of geographical divisions other than city boundaries.

All I know is Rancho was first. Park City is relatively close to Rancho. So eventually some sort of agreements MUST be made. They WILL collide, and if no agreements are made (street connections, styles, etc) there will be an awkward border looking like Mexico.

odiousderp is rather uncompromising on road styles (just as much as you are). Thus, a Mexico-like border may actually be the best solution, because any sort of road change will definitely be abrupt.

We built Park City pretty far away (at least 300 blocks). We’ll definitely try to shift development towards the south and west, but any sort of collision will definitely be messy.

Unreasonably uncompromising to adjust the sloppy road style of Park City to Rancho’s.

Anyway, if a Mexican-Type border is needed, roads/boulevards will have abrupt ends. Freeways from Rancho will continue into Park County territory, no negotiating there, also similar to Mexico-American border. Will have border booth.

[s]I’m not about to argue about which city’s roads are messier (quite frankly, I think both are quite neat and well defined). If you want a sure definition of messy roads, see /warp Raymont. I don’t mind roads and boulevards with abrupt ends; in fact, most of our roads already end at the border anyways (or we’ll turn them into cul-de-sacs, since it’s mostly residences along the border).

To be perfectly honest, I have every right to be uncompromising if you choose the same for your side of the border.[/s]

Withholding all wrath, judgment, etc. until @odiousderp and @YoshioTanabe voice their opinions on this issue.

Can we not use this thread to start fights about whose roads are better, Sticky? We both have separate styles, and I’m currently following odiousderp’s plan for roads. I take pride in what I and many others have created, and I ask only that you are a respectful and kind individual here.

Now, for the REAL discussion:

I’m completely alright with having Rancho’s highways go into Park City, but I do ask that we scale them down a bit once entering PC territory to match the UTC road form. As I said before, the two cities have different road styling, as do the US and Mexico, so I’d greatly appreciate a bit of flexibility there.

As for some kind of micronation… nope. Those never turn out well on PCB. The Hope Metropolitan Area is what we had in mind, just so we can cooperate on transportation and such. No politics intended. If roads turn out to be one of the cooperations, we might not be able to include Rancho, as Sticky is blatantly unwilling to compromise in that factor.

Yes, yes we did.

While this ties in with PC and not Hope, it should be known that Hope was the first of the multiple cities willing to take part in a grouping of sorts, and I’d like said group to be centered around Hope (hence HOPE Metropolitan Area)

I’m gonna withhold judgment as well until everyone has their opinion in (cough@odiousderpcough)

UPDATE: Everyone has their opinion in.


Waiiiiiiiiiit a minute…


Yeah, because we totally needed more towns starting with oak. ::slight_smile:

Oakwell, Oak Hill, the list goes on.


To that quote in your sig:

Veri classy
Such ass glue

Anyway, there’s never too many Oaks (lol jk)


I prefer a spirit of cooperation in regards to these problems. I also prefer a spirit of civility. If the latter is lacking then the former will not exist. Capiche?

New Addition (sorry)
Calisands will be getting a warp hopefully this month. It lies along the coast (follow it north of /warp hope) and is already proposed to have a station on the Burnton Line.
Hopefully this won’t count as necro’ing the thread, as it’s just an update to the situation.

Just wondering, are you going to make a station for Woodbury? That would be awesome :smiley:

Antydough Co-major of Woodbury

To answer your question, Anty, yes. Please direct any further inquiries to the NR thread, not this. Thank you.

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