Paris Redesign/Move

Hello PCB! It’s tomi here and I have come back to revamp my basically abandoned project, Paris. My intentions for the original Paris were to make an accurate scale city based on the real one. However, complications with time and commitment arose and we could not expand much. Estevaobuilder has offered his help on our very latest project to redesign Paris and make it better than it ever was. We have chosen a new location for the city and we will be needing experienced city builders to help us. If you wish to build, you must also be committed to seeing your builds through. The old city will be removed and the warp relocated. Thank you.

-Paris moved
-Old Paris will be destroyed
-Experienced builders with commitment needed

We will begin with the Ile de la Cite, with the famous cathedrale de Notre Dame situated on it. We will then expand from there.

Yes, please, we are in need of builders! We are still working on Ile De la Cite layout.

If you like, I can help you! I participated of the first Paris and will be a pleasure work in the second!

holy holy it’s tomica vroom vroom

We would love to have you as a builder tuzao!

If you would like any builds from your original paris can be moved into bigcity.

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