A new paintball arena has been opened. Start your own matches against friends any time you like!

To join the paintball lobby type in /pb lobby
When you are in the lobby, to join a team type in /pb join random
To leave the game type in /pb leave

Every kill you get earns you money within the paintball arena. You can use this money to buy upgrades such as grenades and sniper rifles. The more kills you get, the higher your rank and the more upgrades are available for you to purchase. Cash earned within the arena can be carried over to future games, so the more you play, the more powerful you become.

Minimum 2 players for a game to start. You have 3 lives each round and you are sent back to the lobby after you lose your lives or 180 seconds pass.

Happy paintballing everyone!

Awesome spec :smiley:

That sounds really cool!

<3 Saw this yesterday by chance, looks awesome.

If you want to test it out with people and get a feel for the gameplay, type in:

/pb lobby to join the lobby
/pb join random to join a team, or
/pb red
/pb blue

/pb leave to leave the game.

You can buy upgrades from money you earn from kills.

Call of Duty: Black Ops in a nutshell

yahoo time for old minecraft shooting game (not like ace of spades hm shame i cannot play it anymore too low software or i have to downgrade my computer)

Tried it earlier with Spec and CKK, it’s really fun :smiley:

I think that the map is a bit small. I was spawn camped by ckk most of the time. Maybe a bigger map?

is the money in-game money or just paintball money?

I think paint ball money

Yes it is in game paintball money. But the money stacks the more you play. So you can play 10 games and accumulate the cash to buy some awesome weapons upgrades in future matches.

In regards to the spawn camping, you are immune for 3 seconds after you respawn I think. So you should be able to kill them if they are nearby. There are also three different paths to take as soon as you exit. So run quickly? If they are standing on the raised walkway, shoot them from inside your spawn. Grenades are a handy weapon to buy to throw over the spawn wall if you get very stuck.

ok i have to admit that was pretty fun :smiley: