I am outraged, for those that don’t know me I am a patriotic frenchman, and I am simply outraged. Why?

Apparently “Antoine” is not close enough to “Twan” and so i cannot have my nickname as such.

'Antoine" is quite a common french name and is pronounced ‘Antwan’ in english and some of you keen eyed members of the community may have spotted that twan is in that word. This is why I am outraged because my nickname is Twan which comes directly from Antoine and I’m sorry but if that isn’t close enough to twan961 then maybe Joshua shouldnt be TheJosh since Josh is also the typical nickname of Joshua. (I apologise for pickng on your name Josh but it was the first that came into my head)

I believe I ahould be allowed to have the nick Twan and if not why?


Seems fine to me. May I ask who said you couldn’t have it?

I understand if it’s innapropriate, but ~Antoine isn’t breaking any rules whatsoever. Quite odd. You’re free to have your nickname, of course, Twan/Antoine, I hope.

I mean, 05cram05 was ~ItsMarco, and I think JetBirdie was ~Fonzie for a while too.

Why wouldn’t you be aloud to have that nickname? As said: Who told you that you could not?

I remember that conversation, as I was online at the time. I can’t remember who asked, but I do remember going to bat for you…I saw the resemblance. 8)

The only concern, and this is more of a general statement, is when there are issues and requests. If staff members don’t know right away who someone is, it can get frustrating. At times some peoples username are simply too far off from their regular name to make recognition possible.

For the record, users nicknames do need to resemble their actual Minecraft name.

People will begin to understand that ~Antoine is twan961. When Marco and Jet changed their names, I’m sure they were bombarded by “Who’s that?” many a time. If people ask, just tell them. When I changed my name from YoshioTanabe to Amphitryon, my nick was ~YoshioisAmphi or something like that. Maybe twan could make his AntoineIsTwan or something like that for a few days or so. Just a thought.

While I don’t really mind the antoine thing, using marco and jetbirdie’s for examples was a bad one, because when Jet had his nickname as fonz it’d been fonz for so damn long that his username had may as well had been fonz anyway, plus he’s been an OP for so long under that handle that it became easily recognisable.

As for Ocram, marco is his username backwards, and it was fairly obvious

Anyway. like i said Antoine doesn’t sound bad at all, but it helps us if you stick to one nick name for a while so we know who it is instead of constantly guessing.

Don’t you think that my Jet metaphor applies to Twan? After a while, Twan will become Antoine?

:o genuinely didn’t notice that until just now :-\

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