Outrageous Market Plot Prices!

I have just been developing my shop in the market but i have to understand that PER CHEST it costs 100 to make it into a shop!
I am not the only one to believe that this is outrageous and we propose that we at least lower the prices to something more acceptable like 20 or 50 maximum! That way the majority of people actually make a profit from having a shop in the market!

PLease, please can we consider this because a lot of us want it and would benefit from it.

Thank you in advance,


Lol u just beat me to it. BTW Ruby is fixing it now

I agree with twan that the prices are way to high. Im not going to pay more than $50 ish for a chest shop.

Prices should have been removed. I’ll refund everyone the costs.

Also blocked creation of chest shops outside the market. OOMS will come soon…

I believe there’s actually a reason for this. Prices were readded so players couldn’t make a shop that literally sold everything, because last map EVERY SHOP HAD THAT. This way shops will slowly be made and there will be more diversity among them. At least, that’s what I remember… @Johnlh97 …? XD

[s]I’m too tired from lack of sleep to know if this is right or not…


I don’t remember discussing this… Posted an alternative idea on the staff economy thread

it was discussed in one of the 1.8 topics in staff board i think the economy one.

I’m pretty sure it was discussed on the staff board but I’m not sure if a conclusion was ever made but as to the belief that $100 is too much. Its not. I don’t like playing the when I was a member card because I’m not anymore therefore things are different for me however, when I was a member it was $100. Sure it was slow at first and hard to make a good shop but I still ended up with a big shop. It requires you to be dedicated and persistent and if you can’t do that you probably shouldn’t have a shop in the first place. Seriously what makes you guys any different from when I was a member?

i agree wholeheartedly with emfitty :slight_smile:

Then go to this post. :wink:

I think we agreed on the 100 per chest but we DID NOT agree on the fact that YIU lose 25 dollars after remininy the chesr and not getting a full refund… It used to be full refipunds last time.

I agree that it should be a full refund because it is easy to make mistakes with ItemID’s and so on while trying to make a chest shop even I make mistakes from time to time.