Ouhai's Quest for a PC Vol. II

Vol. II: Maybe He’ll Actually Buy Something this Time!!

OK, so I’m looking for a good desktop computer.
Preferably already built, but I’m willing to look into building my own.
Also preferably with Windows 7. If it doesn’t come with windows 7 please make sure you tell me so I can factor in buying an OS.

I’d like it to be able to run most games. If you think it will comfortably run Skyrim on medium settings I’ll be happy with it.

As for the company you get it from, I have no real preferences other than I’d like them to be UK based (purely to avoid shipping costs).

Budget is £400
I may be able to go slightly over that, but stick to that if you can.

If you can include a keyboard and monitor that would be even better, but not bothered if you can’t.

I’d be really grateful if you could spec something out for me :slight_smile:

At the moment I’m thinking this: http://www.ebuyer.com/411064-zoostorm-desktop-pc-7873-0446

Any comments?

Like most prebuilt, the graphics are most likely gonna be shite. You may be able to get a decent graphics card but you might also have to upgrade your psu at the same time.

Care to spec me something that isn’t? I have no idea what’s good and what’s bad.

My Opinion since no time to spec right now. Go i3 with that budget, go with a dedicated GPU. An i3 can easily handle even the best graphics cards on the market today, and not bottleneck them. I have one and I get 150fps on running 2 Minecrafts at full 1080P. My $.02

400 is a very small budget for a computer. Coming from a guy who builds computers with 400 yould have better luck finding a half decent laptop. It would be cheaper and if you find the right one it could be decent. Specs for a 400 dollar laptop you should look for:
Ram:4gb (make sure its upgradable to 8gb)
Intel core i3 (at least second gen. second gens run faster then 1rst gen core i5’s)
Intel 3000 graphics (perferably 4000)
500gb at least
The Asus A50+ series has a decent varieties you can choose from.

Note its in pounds which is NOT $400USD. There is no point in getting 4GB IMO, you can get 8GB for like $30US and probably around the same in the UK. Since there is a 3rd gen i3 now it is priced right around the 2nd get (literally $5 more), and quite a bit more powerful.

Look on ebay…

A friend just got a comp almost as good as my new one for less than $150… lol

Yeah, that would be easier actually.

And if it makes any difference at all, £400 is about US$640

I put the US$ amount just in case it meant I could get a higher spec PC than they are thinking of.

Thanks for that site too!

Edit: How does this look?

Samsung is a disk drive, Xilence is a fan for something

Try and get something more powerful then a 5450, I have a 5570 and its JUST good enough for what i need, but it would be nice to have more if you know what i mean. More fps is always better

I’ll do one real quick and update this post with it… Bah. No time give me a bit :slight_smile:


Anyone else had a chance to spec one out yet?

I would, but I don’t know how to shop for parts/PC’s outside of the US. Even with a site to shop at, I can’t easily judge the fair pricing there.

Just get a 250gb CPU and download 128 KB of RAM, you’ll be fine

I’ve looked at a few sites that offer custom PC’s in the UK, and they nickel and dime you for everything. Most don’t even include the OS…

The selection of parts to choose from also seems really limited, and that German site may be the only on that will work. I will try to do another today, but I can’t guarantee an i3, might have to go AMD.

That site is in Euros and not Pounds though, correct?

Any chance you can build the computer?

I should be able to build it, it’s just plugging the right wires in right?

Newegg’s channel on youtube has a three part series. It worked out really well for me…