Other servers that are okish?

Was wondering if someone knew of some good free servers that people could use if PCB goes down… often… XD, im trying to find some but most of them are unsupervised or just greifed to hell =/

I don’t visit many other servers, but I love to check on these two.

If you are a fan of Touhou than thgis place rocks. Be sure to /goto their other maps.

A huge server that is amazing to see is the /v/ server at:

There was this one server I would goto whenever we were down, however I can’t find it anymore.

Basically it was this automated thing where you have 20-30 minutes to build a house/home/whatever. Then the entire area would be flooded with water or lava. Then the map would reset into a new type of map which was always so unique to see.

TheOne’s Lava Survival maybe?

Yeah that’s the one.

I personally suggest my primary server, which is A+ Freebuild.

A+ Freebuild is a multiworld, hack enabled server. That is where I’ve learned and grow into an experienced minecraft player(Since June). I am a SuperOperator there, so you’ll be welcomed nicely. :smiley:

Though, it’s often down too, but incase that PCB is down and this one’s up, feel free to visit. :slight_smile:


The Main OP on My server came from here, so I thought that I might offer my server as a back up or such…
It is