Orcair - 14th of February, 2015


Minecraft Username Orcair

Date of Ban 14th of February, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Nikobain?

Reason for Ban IP ban?

Reason to be Unbanned What did I do? I was testing the ban command, because another guest, SwordMaster_ said he could do staff commands. It worked for me too and then I get banned?

I’m sorry but I didn’t think it would work and I unbanned him right after. I’m really sorry - but why should I be IP banned for a mistake? Please let me back on!

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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ok, sword doesn’t have staff commands, he has trusted commands for the fact he was trusted. you were a guest who banned me with no reason why you would even have that command. my guess is you must have some sort of client that would give it to you. you will remain banned for that reason. locked.

ka you bastard xD


also, if you cant get into your account, reset it, the email went to my spam folder so yours might go there too


Wait, what?

Orcair is Ka_52…we presume.

Orcair joined as a guest and we didnt know who it was. I learned i still had trusted powers, and i flew. Orcair banned niko and immediately unbanned him. We were confused, niko banned Orcair for using a hacked client

Apparently orcair is the same IP as Ka’s

Shoulda used TOR

Not banned, this is already over, ka is not a banned player, so locked.

This appears to be a recurring problem. It seems like when someone was promoted in game, rather than via the forums they will keep their permissions even though their rank changes.