Orbitopolis - Creative Map Project

Hey guys. I am currently planning a unique type of town on the new Creative map called Orbitopolis. The town will be composed of inter-connected space stations and spacecraft. The main level of the town will be at y:230 and will be located over a large ocean on the new map.

Now what I really need are builders who are good at building spacecraft and spacecraft replicas to help me design some of the station complex. If you are good at this, tell me in the comments and I will make my decision.


Heyo Yeshy, you’ve seen my aircraft and ships, I’m sure I could wip up some sort of spacecraft.
Btw, I got a project too, I’m working on, so don’t count on me doing it the first day of the new creative map.


Ok, I’ll be sure to ask you when I see you next.

I would be interested, if only to give suggestions about the logistics of the operation if it were IRL.
Quick question: is this supposed to be in orbit around Earth, or some sort of deep space mission?
Or is it supposed to float at 160m above sea level?

It’s supposed to look like and be structured like its in Earths orbit (ORBITopolis) but it’s at Y:230 because A) The server doesn’t have Galaticraft and B) So there is room to expand up and so it’s not directly at the block limit.

Anyone else up for building?

Would this be a modular station? e.g. living quarters are one module, food creation is another, etc.



The main government center station will be modular and builders can decide whether to build a modular station or a centrifugal station, etc. The main station will be similar to Mir or the ISS.

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