op's and tp

on the i believe 22 of feb 2013. i was building a town with sword. i went down the mountain to cut down a tree
and i died. the op’s : jet and john were online, i asked them (nicely) to tp me to sword so i could claim my stuff
before it despawned. but they refused, i asked a couple more time and they just told me to walk. i tried to explain
to them how i didnt know where the heck it was me and sword were building, but they just muted me,
so i couldnt talk for a while. when jet finaly tped me. all my stuff had gone.

i was really annoyed because i could still have my stuff if they had tped me sooner.
i under stand how constanly tping people is really annoying. but im im just annoyed that there were ops online
who didnt assist.

so i was wandering if there was any way of getting my stuff back. (by the way if members could tp it would prevent stuff like this happening.


I thought members had /tpa to request a tp?

If members had teleport rights it would be absolute pandemonium theres no other way of putting it.

Artemas u where using capslock all the time and John and Jet where Tping everyone like crazy for a Long time.

/tpa doesn’t work for some reason. My brother tried it when he was guest.

/tpa doesnt even work for trusted. I have no clue how it would work for membersand lower.

What happened last night on the server, i must agree was complete BS.

we had to walk when we where guests.

when i asked for a warp the first time, it made sense. When i asked for a warp the second time, we had 4 buildings, 4+members, and it was a town.

>.> read Nektm’s town guide
Ill admit, TEnsion was running high. I was a bit ticked off at both john and jet and i can understand artemas’s rage. It is very hard to calm down after you lost
Im sure everyone in PCB has lost all their stuff. Some people probably look back and laugh (me).

I just wanted to get more information out there.

Found the exact quote with the /tpa command

Okay first off, I had been teleporting people all night, like every 2 minutes, someone asked for a teleport.

Second. Instead of having sword stare at it, you couldve had him pick it up and it wouldnt have despawned.

People need to learn how to ask for coordinates again and warp to a near town and begin walking. It is not staff’s obligation to teleport you to someone, as I said last night, I’m done teleporting people.

I didnt stare at it. It despawned as I got there. I did recover 1 arrow though…

EDIT: Is there anyway to get /tpa to guest or member? Its not as useful for Trusted if we can just tele to people.

Can’t trusted tp players to them? /tphere

nope tried

… ok ive about had my belly full again of this shit.

first off, the command is /tp here [player name]

if it dosn’t work, we will have to ask Special to fix it.

Second off, as has already said, as staff, we thouroughly enjoy helping our new guests, members, and Trusted players, however, we are not pack mules. when it is something horribly urgent that needs taking care of, such as but not limited to a grief, lava spill, AVO shows up, gremlins attack… you know, pandemic situations? we will jump on it, but something as simple as warping to an area that is close by the area your working, or tping you to your buddy… that kinda crap, we CAN help but we are not OBLIGATED to do it.

Who do you think TPs us back to our shit when we die? no one does, we have to bloody walk to it just as you do, and walk to our bloody death area. and im sorry, but TP is an earned command. its earned for a reason, cause lets face it, TP in the hands of someone who we don’t know is a bloody bad idea. if i get TPed into a lava vat, by some git that i don’t even know, im going to start raging on people.

#End Rant

Staff just use /tp player to player it’s so much easier. Example: /tp stamet2 to ouhai_ruby you dont even have to move and it takes 2 seconds.

Thats what this arguement is about

Who do you think TPs us back to our shit when we die? no one does, we have to bloody walk to it just as you do,
Yes but YOU have the /back command. Members dont.

However his point is that we try our best to tp people when we can but we cannot always be responsible to tp players. After all it is survival. If you die you are supposed to lose your stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

This is getting silly.
Staff are not there to tp you around all the time. As Ka said, when joining survival you can’t expect to always have all of your stuff. It’s called survival for a reason - you have to try and surprise. If a staff member does not tp you, you can’t blame them for you losing your stuff.
As for the back command, it doesn’t always work particularly well and might take you to the last tp’d place rather than your death point.

John you took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard). It’s getting annoying having to drop what you’re doing every 2 minutes or so to TP people. I’m fine with doing it every once and a while, but it’s gotten absolutely silly. And I have to agree that we are not pack mules. Yes I am staff, but I like to build/play too.

xD says the one who has a death chest lol

As you said ka, After all, it is survival.

EDIT: Even though artemas’s items despawned, I want to thank rippor for teleporting Artemas to the town spot.

Not my fault, just a perk of the job :stuck_out_tongue:

Having not long been promoted to ‘mod’ I can fully understand yr frustration at not being able to do certain tp’s or /back.
However, the back command does not always take you where you want to go.
I have very often found that out and lost all my stuff as have probably every member of staff at one time or another.
Trusted is a responsible position to be used wisely and not get into arguments with others members, each of us have to earn the trust of staff etc., the same as all the staff have had to do over time to become what they are today.
Although I found it frustrating when I was Trusted not to be able to do certain things, that is the way the system works. For each step up the player ladder come more helpful aids that one can use to assist other people.
It is basically a tiered system of command, which to earn these extra commands, have to be worked at not given to everyone from the offset.
All the staff have had to do their time at earning these rights and all have at one time or other lost everything.

While we’d like to give people access to TP from the get-go, time and time again it’s been abused. We gave people /tp here, and there were reports over being summoned into lava. We gave people only /tp and there were reports over people using it to PVP.

What this simply shows is that it’s not a power that can be just handed out to anyone; heck even some donators and trusted in the past have abused it. TP is a privilege, not a right.

I think everything else that needs to be said has already been said. Topic locked as I foresee nothing but more rage coming out of this thread.