Operation Rebirth.

Hello Fellow PCB’ers. Some of you may have noticed i am not on much. that is because i am on a alpha sever. We are planning to do Operation Rebirth wich is going to wipe everything to a new map. Hosted In the middle by a Giant city. The Reason i am saying this. is too Give You another server to go to if its ofline. Fyi: for this server You dont need to buy the game. we have a hacked client u can find by asking somone on the irc. (link at main Website)


also: many pcb’ers play here such as Doomedscar, Clitorise, and Chaos47. altho i dont see clit on there much.


how is the client used? if i loginto the server through the client then i appear as a reserved spot, is there a way to change the name that i log in as?

ok, got it to work, but the thing keeps dieing after like 1 min?

How do i use this, like what specificly do i have to do?

Am I able to try connect to this server with the actual bought game?

Yes you can connect with it. But when you die. You Need to type
/login password

FYI defualt password is Password
Ask again if u have more problems or this dont work

apparently /login isnt a reconised command, and will promptly crash XD, it works for about 1 min and i can see the map/ interact with things, maybe it the program just dosnt like my computer XD

Ima recomend Buying the game as that program is still Buggy. and Clitorise, That was the operation. the spawn was a town that got greifed . so we moved to newlife. Home of awsome
and owned by me

All I get is:

Failed to connect to the server
Unknown host ‘mine1.kkro.net

got it to work =], i think it was a problem with memory or something, put fog on ‘small’ and it works fine =D

im not quite with u hard, what do u mean? i got bloody banned because i refused to change my name… i can’t stand playing any kind of game with power seeking admins …

Yah there power horny. But we got another server that i go to that there not allowed in.
soap.gewfie.info. Sadly im only a mod on there

Hi any one that can help me i for some reason cant find a way to get on.

I got another Server. No One goes on it realy. Its my bud mike sabs.
it might use it for this instead