Opera House

Hey guys,
Me (RJBud1) and Amphitryon are building a substantially large Opera House in creative, at /warp ParkCity…
That said, I will be building most of it if things go according to plan… If anyone wants to help, ask me or Amphitryon.
(Also built the project out on a friends’ whitelisted server. Pictures in the link below.)




Sounds good so far guys, good luck!

I like it !!
Hope the build goes well ^-^

Hmmm… Why dont you include me in that little build of yours and I’ll make it bigger and better :wink:

If you saw the images it is nearly 60x60 (57x58 to be exact) so already pretty dang big. :slight_smile:
And I’ve built this several times on singleplayer and on a whitelisted server. Also, as I build along, I implement new
techniques and ideas.

Well tbh 60x60 isn’t that big at all but that of course depends on the scale of other buildings nearby.

60x60 is pretty big, considering its in a tight spot of ParkCity. And yes, you may join in and do the interior.

                         ~RJ :)

I can also help with the interior aswell if I am needed :slight_smile:

Sure! You’re great at interiors. :slight_smile:

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