OOMS Are Here!!

OOMS (Outside of Market Shops) are finally here!!! ;D

Now, you can place shops outside of the market. This is great for town shopping centers, and factories. Shops cannot be placed everywhere, so continue reading to find out how to put shops into your town. To get a plot, ask and SOP+ for the region.

1. Regions are purchased by town owners.
2. Only 1 region per town (size can be increased later)
3. Region = $1 per block
4. The region is from bedrock to sky
5. Chestshops are free to place within region

Questions? Post below.

Well I guess i can finally make a market in Tsumai! 8)

ferr your obsessed with anything to do with markets or money haha XD

Anj, in response to your deleted post, no, you only pay for the 2d area, not volume. So a 10x10 Area would cost $100.

^ John wins