One Year on PCB!

Guys! i’ve been on PCB for one Year (and two days)! ;D

Thank you, for being the best server i’ve ever played!

I was banned alot and found 2 corrupted chunks though. :-\

[shadow=red,left][glow=green,2,300]THANK YOU![/glow][/shadow]

Nice ;D

Haha my 1-year’s coming up in a couple of weeks too

My 2 years was yesterday!

Uh happy anniversary?

I’m around one and 2/3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx guys :wink:

Nice! Hope you stay for time to come ;D
I hit 2 years this month :slight_smile:

I hit 1 year 3 months ago.

4 Years 2 Months :stuck_out_tongue:

1 1/2 years aprox

Congratulations On 1 Year! :smiley: