One small step for logins, one giant leap towards fixing PCB

Small fixes come in noticeable packages it seems.

Some of you may be aware of the odd login sessions we have been having since the server move. For example, unless I signed in within an hour, I was not able to post as it said “session expired”.

Well, Andy has altered how session data is saved and it should now remember that we JUST signed in. We hope members were not excluded from posting because of this odd behavior.

More to come!

Edit: Server statuses have now been restored to the site. Just like before, it updates automatically every 3 minutes.

Edit 2: Footer bar error fixed. Staff applications should (fingers crossed) be (100%) back online as well.

Edit 3: Player balances and economy stats now back online.

Edit 4: Ban appeals back online.

Edit 5: Application voting back online.

Edit 6: Ranks and banlist should be synchronised with the website on next server restart. Fingers crossed!

I have personally noticed a lot more lagg than usual almost to the point of making the impossible to play.

Sorry Courage, this update is only to the website/forums and not the game servers.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues staying logged into the forums.

The lag is probably related to the server being unable to properly connect with the site. This should hopefully be fixed soon

Yeah sometimes it took like 20 attempts to post a reply thanks for fixing it Kyle :smiley:

[size=8pt]and spec and andy and tkpenalty

Server statuses, staff applications, economy and ban appeals restored.

Some databases are still a work in progress

Thank you guys I will keep you updated if anything goes wrong. (The more I think about it I think it is just my internet acting up due to all the storms in my are.) but still you guys are awesome. ;D