One more Touhou vid

I know some of you don’t care for these, but I’m hoping the improved animation will still be impressive. As I have stated before, almost all Touhou stuff is original creations by random people. I just found this and felt it was good enough to share.

Just a fun fight between a Witch and Vampire. Seriously, they are both enjoying this. That poor mansion! Remilia (The owner and sister to the red girl) will be pissed!

Apparently, the song used is several versions of the same one. UN Owen Was Her.
[Touhou 3D] Marisa vs Flandre

I know I’m double posting/bumping, but did no one like this at all? I really fail to understand why anyone would not think this is cool or at least interesting. It’s straight action with some subtle character portrayal.

I have never played the games the characters are based on, nor do I plan to as they are hard as hell, but I recognize the effort the creator put into include all the abilities of the characters in this. It seems a lot like the fight animation between Goku and Superman that was posted not all that long ago.

Huh, I must have missed this…

I quite enjoyed that! I especially like the way the music fits with it so well. Very cool.

Did you make this vid? If so do you speak Japanese? I do :3

I liked the video, It expressed how much of a bullet hell touhou really is.

I did watch it, just had nothing to say about it that I hadn’t discussed with you before really!

As with many things, it may not be something I’m specifically interested in but I can certainly see the talent that went into making it. Some of the effects in it look really impressive. I agree with ninja too, absolute chaos by the looks of things.

No, and some? I just got a link to the vid from YouTube. I have no idea where to find the best ones, but YouTube pops up with some nice things every so often.

As for Japanese, I know a few words and can follow conversations sometimes. Speaking it? nope.

Ah, I saw the monstrous heap of kanji+hiragana at the beginning and thought you may have typed it. I could read some of it and understand the sentence structures…but I have memorized only about 50 kanji :stuck_out_tongue:

I always love listening to Touhou music :smiley:

There certainly is a lot of it. I don’t have much at all. If you happen to know a good source to easily DL a crap-ton of it, I would be interested.

Also, I can’t stop watching your gif. I know It’s from Nichijou, but I have never seen it. The professor is adorable.