On the Subject of Wildefay, And New Towns

So In the 11 or 12 Days I have been gone, it seems many a strange thing has happened in my town, without any information passing on to me. So, Firstly, It seems like there is a huge build popping up right next to Wildefay. Is it part of The Town, or is it a new town, or just a build? In the eventuality that it is the latter two, It would be greatly appreciated if someone could clarify the rules concerning building next to an existing town, and if it allowed at all, as to the best of my knowledge, it is not allowed. If it is the Former, Welcome to our Town! However, next time I do go on holiday, or am not able to access a computer, it would be greatly appreciated if all happenings of note be told to me, otherwise, when I return, Ill-informed, it causes a fair amount of confusion.

-Simpal, Mayor and Head of State Of Wildefay, And the U.S.R.R

It’s part of our town, sim. Wildefay has just endergonebsome extension.

Ok, i checked, i gave him permission to build I DID NOT GIVE HIM PERMISSION TO MAKE IT A WARP.tbh, its kinda like another warp to part of wildefay, so idk, maybe we should keep it if spllat agrees to become part of the wildefayen empire. There are lots of automatic farms there, more auto than my sugercane farm, and will be very useful. There is even an xp farm that’s better than those of cyssor. I think we should keep it. Not my decissiln, but as long as he aubmits to our empire, you have to admit its freaking awesome. Talk to Spllat, ghe best redstoner in our town, and the man responsible for this.

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Timeline of what he did

•he joins the server
•i help him get used to the server and hive him basic gear.
•i give him space in wildefay to build, a very empty spot
•he builds a mansion bigger than i thought.
•he builds automatic iron farm, melon farm, sugercane farm, chicken farm and pumpkin farm.
•he creates awesome xp farm.
•apparently (while i am away in America) he makes it a warp.

sooo… That last bit was beyond my control.

I have deleted the warp to Riverland. The builds can stay, with your permission, but the towns are just simply too close together. Making two warps of it is useless, in my opinion.


A rather inappropriate response from Spllat, but since the problem is solved, locked.

Spllat, in the future, if you have nothing meaningful to contribute to a topic besides “LOL”, please just kindly keep it to yourself.

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