On the subject of goodbyes...

So yeah. Goodbye. That’s the short version.

Long version, here we go.

I’ve loved playing on this server since Ferr let me make that house in middlebury, couldn’t of had a better introduction.

I played for fun for a few months, then I decided to play for something else. I tried to make a town, with a warp and everything. That didn’t work, didn’t succeed, which annoyed me, blah blah. Went to work for trusted, didn’t get it until a few months, which was, funnily enough, when I was considering leaving the server. Of course, with trusted, I felt like i’d be a douche for saying i’ll be leaving just after getting the title. I’ve stayed for a while, but now I find minecraft pretty boring, i’m not good at it, PvP isn’t amazing to me, blah blah.

So yeah, thanks for the memories and shizzle, it’s been fun. You’ve all been there for me when I felt like shit, when I didn’t feel like shit, and when I felt kinda like shit. I hardly knew most of you peeps though, which sucks.

Kurry, we didnt talk much, but when we did it was always a good laugh.
Skee, nice building skills. Gotta keep making it better though, your damn good, but not damn perfect.
Hey shad, hardly knew you, but I did manage to pick up the fact that you are pretty cool.
Meta, we’ll probably talk on civ 5 anyway, so that saves some writing of a heart filled memory thing.
Ruby, I’ll try not to use female pronouns on you if we ever talk again. Sorry about that one time.
Tori, I hardly knew ya, but during the time I did, I found that you were pretty damn coolio.
Marco, I doubt i’ll forget the day where we broke those mine carts and made them a moving mass.
Kosta, your my bro. Generous, friendly, and as sound as a pound.
Robin, I gotta say, your a pretty cool guy. Don’t let no one inside that obsidian blob ye?
Javi, man, your sound. We cool dude. We cool.
Yomi, keep up the PvP shenanigans and stuff.
Ferr, you cool dude. Keep making that dosh aye? Check your money balance, you might be
Also, Guibo, if your reading this, thanks mate. Your sound. Minecraft is just a game, and it’s better for me to perhaps move onto greater things. Which may include studying or total war. Not sure yet.

If you need me hit me up on steam, i’ll probably play civ 5 or some stuff if ya want.
I probably left most of you out. I’m either to lazy to put you in, or I just don’t have enough good memories. I’m sorry about that if it is that, but sometimes it’s too inconvenient.

Have fun building and burning and stuff, and hey, you might see me on the PvP server sometimes. I’ll probably be on the main server to say my goodbyes for a few days, then most likely, that’s me. That’s it. Adios.

Well this is probably it… my last post!


Jape for the oldies! Jape for the newbies! (Did not copy this ending)


aww, i didn’t know you that well, but it’s sad to see another player go… good bye…

Damnit people quit with your goodbyes, you can always come back and say hey! :stuck_out_tongue:


I go on the forums everyday, and drop a message at times :slight_smile: But I’m done with the game in itself.

It was fun playing with you Jape! We had some good times!

(pssss pssss, guess who was the first person I nominated for trusted? :slight_smile: )

Yomi is my nameee
and shenanigans is my game =D

But we’ll miss you

Sad to see you leave! I didn’t know you much, but you are a great player! I hope you come back someday !
Wishing you the best of luck,
<3 koalamama

I don’t know why, but you’re one of the only people I remember inviting you to Middlebury. You built that shack on a nub facing the ocean.

You were, and still are, a great player and person. I hope you have fun in the future!

aw man… good bye :frowning: come back any time dude :smiley:

Cya Jape, good luck with your future endeavors and have fun with other games. Minecraft does indeed get boring over time, so again I say have fun with where ever the wind takes you.

Cya man! we cool :3 drop by soon!

I can’t wait for everybody to come back about the same time this will be funny. Also quit saying good bye guys you are tearing this family apart.

Stay or I’ll send you more minecarts.


But I’ll miss ya :frowning:

Damn everyone’s leaving the server seams like

#LeavingPCB is trending. :stuck_out_tongue: oh, less than 2 weeks for me fyi. QQ