Okay, so Ferr sends me a message, I try to clear it by doing /clear thinking that would get rid of the stupid message, and of course, all of my items get cleared out of my inventory. Now, this wouldn’t be a big deal if I literally didn’t have over 40 diamonds on me, as well as 4 unused diamond shovels, 3 regular diamond pickaxes unused as well, 2 enchanted ones, 1 that had silk touch and efficiency 3, the other had Fortune 3, unbreaking 2, efficiency 3. I also had 2 enchanted shovels, one with Silk touch only, and the other with unbreaking 3, efficiency 2. I had a Fortune 2 sword with something else, and a fire aspect 1 sword as well. I also had a shit ton of other items, but I don’t care about that, I just want all my stupid diamond items back, like… Is there a way someone can help me? I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. I don’t care to get my un-enchanted axe back it was half dead.

How are you exactly going to clear a whole penninsula now :o I paid 1k for it to be finished tonight, so i can start building the area.

I think there might of been a mix up with the commands. the command should be /mail clear or something like that.

It might of been:

  1. Mix up on command words
  2. Sabotage
  3. ???

That’s exactly what happened. I tried clearing my mail, and instead it wiped my inventory.

  1. Is there a way of disabling that stupid, worthless, evil, son-of-a-bitch “clear” command?
    (Like, literally, I am sooooooooo beyond pissed right now. I worked my ass off for everything I have, and now it’s all gone. All of my fancy enchantments that took me over a month to get, gone.

Ouhai, where are you? I need you! T^T

I feel kinda guilty… :L

Not making any promises…but this kind of mistake sounds like you could get your stuff back.

I didn’t know anyone below Mod even had access to that o.O

I’ll sort it out next time I see you.

Nor did I Ruby. I hope it does not allow players to clear other people’s inventories. I believe it can be used in that way.

It is useful in creative mode, but not in survival. Perhaps it can be disabled in survival?

Sorted, locked.