Minecraft Username: OmenTheHarbinger

Date of Ban: 10-01-2021

Banned by: MattDB

Reason for Ban: I placed a sign in MattDB’s town, it was hidden and it said “you have been pooped”

Reason to be Unbanned: Because I was working on a giant build and I wish to continue it, I will never place any signs back again! I am sorry!

Previous appeals: No

Hi Omen,

Just to clarify before continuing, I want to specify that it wasn’t just one sign but several, randomly planted on tons of buildings. At first, I was going to let it slide, however I was told by other members that same day that you had done similar things already to them, hence, why I put ‘towns’ in your ban, and not ‘town’, singular. Please. Do not build or place anything without the permission of the project owner. This is a very minor offense, so I’m unbanning you.

Consider this your warning to not repeat such mistakes.