OLIVER23456789 - 7th of August, 2017


Minecraft Username OLIVER23456789

Date of Ban 7th of August, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Princemark

Reason for Ban Griefing Oxnard, staff disrespect!!!

Reason to be Unbanned Hello. ok hellos mods and staff!!, I am planning to make a awesome city, and I want forgiveness for what I did. I am very sorry and hope that I can have one more chance

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
22nd of July, 2017

14th of July, 2017

20th of June, 2017

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“I shouldn’t be UNBANNED, because, I will come back HAHAHHAHAHA” ~Quoted from your 2nd Appeal.

First off, dude seriously?

Second off, your appeal is flimsy and weak. You didn’t explain what you did nor why it was wrong, you also didnt even give a solid reason why you should be unbanned other than ‘sorry’.

If I were you I’d improve your appeal abit and reply.
However, its not my call to make.


Oliver, your plan of an awesome city will not sway staff to unban you, and your chances of returning to the server were given and ruined. I’m not convinced that you should be unbanned.

I’m going to lock this appeal, as Oliver has been given an ample amount of time to reply to his appeal.