Old main

Should the old main be deleted? People can still go there even though lobby3 is the new main.

I think he means people are accidentally going there when they mean to go to lobby3. I see the problem. It is likely easier to rename the maps.

i like the old main better. New main makes me confused. There are so much rooms that ill need a tour next time somone with experience comes on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Old main looked… crap. And I’m allowed to say that as I made a large amount of it. We were supposed to change it a looong time ago. I’m not sure the portals work too well, people may not be able to tell that they arw actually portals without the water… Nice idea though. I still like the pits in main2 that me lemon fatso and ouhai worked on a while ago.

We need to edit lobby3 to have visable portals and place message blocks over the letter, not inside the doorways. You have to step in to get the message.

We also might like a visible message block for easy repeating of the message. Or perhaps a mesage block in the middle with “alternative” locations to visit listed in them. Perhaps based on build permissions?

So many rooms… there’s 5. And they’re labeled. Please tell me your kidding andy.

That’s a great idea andy. Though what is the room at the very back for? It’s a protal to one of the op’s map.

He made the map lobby_3, so, i guess he has rights to place it there

I made a change to help with the confusion. Now, “main” won’t auto load when people try to go to it. They would have to /load main first.

I attempted to alter the name of lobby3 to just lobby, but that ended up breaking all the message blocks and portals… I set it back to lobby3.