Okay, damnit, AGAIN.

Okay, so… John gives me back a stack of diamonds plus 18 that got stolen form my shop, and I had a full inventory of stuff, which included my beloved Fortune 3 & Silk touch pickaxe, as well as my silk touch shovel, and a multitude of other stuff like lapis blocks, torches, food, seeds, 3 stacks of coal and other stuff I forget.

So, Mooshie asks me to come mine diamonds with my fortune 3 pickaxe, and I got TP’d on rock, but glitched into lava, and then Mooshie glitched as well and died and lost all his items. And then, Mex said apparently a creeper killed me, but there was NO creeper. And prior to dying, when I fell in the lava, I TP’d back to the market so that I could get my items that way, but when I respawned, I was on the edge of a world in a swamp. And both Mex and Mooshie TPd there as well and can vouch. Is there a way we can get our stuff back, like I don’t even understand what just happened.

I can vouch for her.

So i found 2 veins of diamond in a ravine and i was like Yey!!!

Den i asked her to come over. She says hi and suddenly, she just Falls in the lava… Like shes near me den she like just falls in… Then im like WtF??? and i get knocked in and killed by the lava as well…

the most frustrating thing was that we died by a creeper, but get this… There was no creeper and i heard no sound at ALL

Sorted. Locked.