Hi my name is camkin I would like to post this here just to say HI! (and to be ranked up on the server to a member!) I love to build and chat and play with friends on this server and it is one of my greatest hobbies!

WELCOME to Project City Build! The greatest show on Earth! Your from Classic I assume?

Welcome to survival. :smiley: Can’t wait to see you on.

Nope he’s from SMP! :stuck_out_tongue: I think anyways… Welcome to PCB! :smiley:

Yea from SMP because he wants the member rank :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway welcome to PCB :smiley: Hope you have a great time!

hiya!! enjoy this server like i did! have a nice stay!

yeah hes on SMP. his house was the first one showcased in my awesome SMP builds stickie. which should be getting updated this week.

Why does everyone spell my name wrong…

Anyway, welcome!