So, Yeah, i’m new here, got introduced by a friend, and figure i’d be here to stay, So yeah, Hello And all that stuffz


bienvenido amigo!

Welcome to the server!

Bienvenue a PCB!


Welcome! Just wondering, who introduced you?

Welcome to the forums Bowserrox!

I believe it was crassclown.

Welcome! Nice to see people introduce themselves.

Welcome to PCB! ^-^


Ou hai thar!

Welcome to the server! :smiley:

You know, I just got the first part of Ouhai_Ruby. ;D


Happens to the best of us.


Its okay, i thought Ruby was a girl when i first joined. even asked him if he was or not XD

I hate when people do that…

Everyone does that. Even me. But I didn’t ask xD

lmao. sorry Ruby. at least its out in the open now, so they can’t say they didn’t see/know it… (for now, anyways)