Officially saying hello to the people of PCB

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, according to my research during the few days, I realized that this server is very international.

I probably have signed up and played quietly alone during last year, but as the year turned over, I decided to settle on one server and it seems to be ProjectCityBuild.

When I heard that some people on this server had been here since 3 years ago and such, I wondered, is it possible for such strong community to stay alive?; Yes, during my few days of staying, I decided to settle on this server, I have constantly went on TeamSpeak server and the Minecraft server to communicate more to diverse kind of people. I think this is yet to be the most steady community I have seen in my life. Thank you for existing in my life?, I hope to see everyone in game! Good luck and happy mining. :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, you’re my neighbour in game! You’re building on a mountain next to my… house… building… thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to PCB! If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone either in game or on the forums :slight_smile:

Your a great guy who is really helpful and I know you will fit right in bud. :slight_smile:

Welcome :smiley: I’ve seen you on TS before with Buddy and I, you’re an interesting character ;D ;D ;D

hello fish your officially welcomed! :stuck_out_tongue:

My neighbour also :smiley: Its nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Oh yeah cause you live in Liam’s garage! That makes sense. :wink:

Ayy, welcome dude. Once you join, you can’t leave. So many people have tried to leave, only to come back again. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Welcome! I am koalamama, but more known as koala. I am active ingame and on the teamspeak server, so I should see you around! I hope that you love PCB as much as I do! If you need any help, someone to talk to, or just any questions let me know!

./msg koalamama
./mail send koalamama

Welcome To PcB, hope you feel right at home.

This is pretty late but welcome! Hope you like the server.

I’m sorry my friend but the reason we stick around so long is because PCB is like a drug addiction. You know its bad for you but its fun so you keep coming back for more. You don’t decide to stay PCB has a habit of forcing you to stay.

Oh well, once your in its for life so enjoy