[OFFICIAL THREAD] New Bayside International Airport

[size=24pt]New Bayside International Airport
That’s right, New Bayside has an International Airport.
ICAO Code: NBAI | New Bayside International Joint-City Airport

Current Map LIVE
Dynmap Livemap

Approved Airlines:

Build Status
Check-in: [progress=90][/progress]
Baggage-Collection: [progress=100][/progress]
Customs: [progress=100][/progress]
Gates: [progress=75][/progress]
Gate Seats: [progress=5][/progress]
Shops: [progress=100][/progress] Shops empty. /PM LordErikir for shop setup ingame

Runway 01: [progress=100][/progress]
Runway 02: [progress=20][/progress]

Applications will now be available on the following site:

Username: VRA
Airline Name: National Airways
Airline Code: NA
City: Gibraltar

I’m probably wrong here, but aren’t airport codes usually three letters?

wooly’s private jet needs to go here lol

Username: TheOctopus
Airline Name: Metropolis
Airline Code: MET
City: Metropolis

(IATA codes are 2 letter, ICAO have 3. Not all airlines have the former.)


Best of luck

Depends, airlines in Australia generally use IATA Codes (2 Letter) in airports here from what i’ve seen (e.g. QF for Qantas, JQ for Jetstar).

True, but when they become overseas travel they use 3 letter IATA/ICAO code e.g. QFA for QANTAS, JST for Jetstar.

An Update:Applications:Applications will now be available on the following site: https://ejiang.co/nbia/airline-registration/Previous applicants will not have to register

Your application is PROCESSING. Your airline code has been changed to NAR

Your application has been PROCESSED and has been APPROVED. We welcome your airline joining own route. We hope to see you soon, please note visit: https://ejiang.co/nbia for more information in the future.

Could you please stop spaming this post?

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