Official Market Rules [Edited 20th Jan 2015]

Everyone is entitled to one, no matter what rank you are.

The rules for shops are as follows:

  1. One shop per person.
  2. You must not build outside the shop. This includes the andesite pillars between shops. Signs on the walkway directly outside your shop are allowed.
  3. You can change the colors/materials of the walls, floors and ceiling.
  4. If you do not develop your plot within a week of claiming it, the shop will be removed.
  5. Keep your shops stocked! Out of stock shops can get removed just like undeveloped shops.
  6. Shop signs outside the shop must not be larger than the design currently filling the space, unless within reason to fit a specific design (I.E if you sign is outrageously big it will be flagged for removal).
  7. Do not extend the size of your shop. Do not build an extension out the back, or build overhanging ceilings exceeding 1 block along the front of your shop.
  8. You can combine shops over 1 floor only with other players who agree.
  9. You are not allowed to sell your shop for items or money, shops need to remain free.
  10. Limit of 1 shop and 1 chest in the food stand.
  11. Item frames are allowed, however at your OWN risk! (locking is not allowed and will not protect items within them)

Rules may be edited without notice. Have a shop in the public market assumes you agree to these rules. Shops offending rules can/will be edited without notice.
*Thanks Ouhai for original rules

[size=14pt]Happy selling!