Official Locations in Creative

In the creative world all the official places such as Pixel, spawn, head/bannerbank, mapscache, redstoneplayground, and treenursery are spread around the map, creating significant areas where towns cannot be built, due to the locations looking out of place. This could be resolved (either in the current or next map) by creating all the official locations in the same place. I suggest also making them in a vertical stack (to an extent) to save space, especially with Pixel.

 That would be a good idea, Lyra. But, there is one downfall. When one location, for example Pixel, needs to expand, the location would have to extend its borders in one, or multiple, directions. This wouldn't be a problem if Pixel had one, or three, option(s) to expand either north, south, or east, as if there were to be another PCB made location, or official location, west of Pixel. But, lets say that Pixel was enclosed from all directions. Then, Pixel couldn't expand, without overlaying another PCB made location.

 Another option you presented is to make the PCB made locations in a vertical stack. From what I know, I see no problem(s) in making all the locations in a vertical stack, aside for the build(s) to be dark from being below the build, at the top. Lastly, if Cspawn were to be included into the simplification of build(s), I would think that many players would find spawn to seem like an eyesore, as it would be below, or near, all the build(s). Unless, the spawn were to be built at the top of all build(s), making the location seem like a major outpost, in the sky. I like your idea, Lyra, and I hope that everyone else's opinions find the idea good.

Yea if everything was in one place there’s no way of knowing whats going to need expansion. Hence why we dont do things that way. I see where you’re coming from but also keep in mind that we didnt make all the “official” non-city warps within a week. As the idea came up it was built. We couldnt do that for the next map because we could forget what we need, we will come up with things as needed, and this is way too soon to be considered. We cant just move everything into one place right now as that would be loads of unnecessary work

Pretty much sums it up. It’s a good idea in theory, but then you start realizing things like this. We can always use warps :slight_smile: