Official Faction List

This is a list of all factions that have met the qualifications and agreed to the U.N’s Term’s of Warfare

=======Forsyth Militia=======
Leader: 121wer

Velite- Lieutenant
Mcculloch99 - Lieutenant
LeotheLlama - Staff Sergeant
Extra_Limits - Sergeant
Shadowhand1999 - Corporal
Dexternator - Private
Valocaraptor - Private

Near Forsyth

======= Fortress Fighters=======


Helms Deep

Leader: darkkitty123



=======Shadow Inc.=======
Leader: liam599

weeeeeeeee (i dont know how many e’s it is :P)


===========Making a faction==========

 1. Your faction must have a name

 2. Your faction must have a base

 3. Your faction must have 3 or more members

 4. You must agree to the latest rules of war

 5. You must elect a member of the faction to represent your faction in the U.N.

(From TheZestyLemon

The militia is the “Forsyth Militia” and is located substantially closer to Forsyth than Bamberly.

… It doesnt need the town name

‘Forsyth Militia’ is the name of the faction. A bit like the police in LA for example is called the 'Los Angeles Police Department’or ‘LAPD’ for short.

ive created another faction called KNIGHTS OF VALO
we are located at VALOCARAPTOR CASTLE

Valo, do you have 3+ members and an ambassador for UN meetings? If you do please contact the UN and you will be made a faction!

not yet ill find some right now i just have a giant castle