[OFFICIAL] Classic Server Crash Thread

As the title says

23:00 GMT +1.00 classic server crashed

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Whoooops lol

Oops! My fault on this one. Back up!

Kyle, check your ports…

I did get a new router yesterday. Perhaps something is wrong? I will look into it.

Edit: Looks like it just crashed. The ports seem fine. Let me know if you still can’t get on.

cant connect

I now know the problem and it is out of my hands. Motorola, the router’s manufacture has an area policy in effect that prevents ANY ports from being seen from the internet. Port forwarding will not work. Classic server is DOWN until I can get a hold of their offices and try to get permission to bypass their policy.

This is the dumbest bull I have ever seen from an ISP. They just don’t want people hosting servers and using up their network bandwidth. Small correction, the ISP says this is a manufacturer block, not theirs.

My last router worked just fine, but we don’t have that anymore because the ISP replaced it with this one. My last one was 6 or so years old and from a different company. They did not restrict us.

If you want to read more about my problem: http://www.davesdrivers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2150

awww…I like classic.


Well, it seems that very link I posted held some work-arounds for the issue I was having. The biggest being the settings this router has for port forwarding. It specifically lets you choose which IP to allow access to those ports. This is the probem I had actually.

Apparently, you have to fill in that part while leaving some parts blank. Why you would need to I have some idea, but this is the first time ANY router I have seen has these options.

I am gonna believe the ISP helper I contacted was just plain wrong as her claims of an “Restriction on area” is clearly not true. This router is a pain to setup as it came with no manual nor any help for this (guides online are outdated too).

Short version: I think it is fixed. Nek was able to get on.

And my title is no longer “OMGIHEXUYEY” or whatever it was to the new “Master SOP”.


I’m guessing that it’s not 100% fixed but Kyle at least found some sort of work around. Amirite or is it working all nice and dandy?

Good god, Theres still 2 dozen people that have that “OMGWTFHAXY” Title. The servers been down so i havnt been able to see who needs that changed.

Yeah, can’t seem to fix that after all. The script I got from McForge staff did not correct all the broken titles. Fix it as you can guys!

Far as I can tell, the net issues are 100% fixed.

10:46 am gmt -6:00

Fixed? Had no idea it went down. I have had a LOT more players on lately.


Yes, it was down. Know how I knew? My whole computer crashed with a BSOD when I tried to start FTB. I saw you were in the server so I figured you would make a post.

I have no idea what the hell happened, but something got corrupted really bad. No, not in classic, but on my system. I discovered I could not start it at all. It would freeze at post and my CPU fan would be blazing. Oddly, unplugging my extra hard drives got it to start. With some testing, I found it was one of the HDs that was causing it.

What could cause a computer to not start because of a specific spare HD (not C), I don’t know. Eventually, I was able to fix it with windows startup repair. Seems okay now. Had to reinstall java from scratch too.


Yeah, my net connection went down and I forgot to start it back up after it returned.