Odiousderp - 13th of October, 2014


Minecraft Username Odiousderp

Date of Ban 13th of October, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Ouhai_Ruby


Reason to be Unbanned UNBAN ME YOU PENISES

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
13th of October, 2014

4th of October, 2014

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Seriously, you’re not even banned.

Strange… The IP he posted from has been used by YoshiBoy13 and myself. It’s a UK IP address. His first ban appeal came from Canada. The banned player hasn’t ever logged into the forums using that IP.

Okay, this is getting really strange now. The IP belongs to JANET, a research network. No idea when I used it.

I am reading this… right now… at school. ??? I think probably somebody’s also been on the school internet and derping around on it. I check the forums from here (which is allowed in school rules) and so has one of my friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that friend (who is a member here, I won’t mention his MC username) doing that. Octo, I suggest either you change your password if you’re being hacked, or don’t, if you go to a certain school in Kent.

The IP address is indeed from kent. But I’ve just noticed something. The IP isn’t used by me, it’s used by The UK Octopus (the email address of whom is from a school in kent), with spaces, that was created today by someone with the same IP as you. Please PM me who it is.

Friend at school, probably. I also think I know exactly which one. I don’t really want to say who, because I don’t really want to get him in trouble. We’re pretty good friends and he likes this server… It’s easy to set up a new account, the only thing that needs to be checked is the email, not the MC username…

Conflict of interests, please advise.

I’ve sent you a PM, please respond.

Offending player has been banned. Locking.