ItalianChild told me to post the fact that i dont have a bank account thingy, and it gives me an error that says"An internal error occurred while trying to perform this command" in red letters, when i type /money, whats up here? ???

you dont have any money? GO KILL ZEM ZOMBIES! ;D

lol what exactly would killing zombies have to do with monies? are they dead billionaires?

xP no, they give you money, wait then maybe they are dead billionaires! for killing bad mobs (spider,spiderjockey,ghast,zombie,creeper,skelliton,pigzombie.) you get monies the=at you can spend! ;D

This is caused by the fact that you joined our server for the first time while our money system was broken. I’ve manually added an account for you so let me know if that works

its fixed, thanks andy