Odd Mods:: By hard24get

OK so recently I have been modding Minecraft, currently my OddMod’s pack has two new mobs it
Not So Friendly Sheep, and a phoenix. I plan on adding some new things, especially after i figure out how to correct these models i have made for different mobs. The mod is still in Beta mode, and is only available to members of the development team, BTW I need java coders, it took me 8 hours to do this by myself.
To Become in the team

^This is how i know who can code or not :slight_smile:

Mod will be available soon

You don’t need two seperate conditional statements in this case if the comparison uses the same variable.

Also since it’s Java you need curly brackets and a syntactically correct action! Let’s pretend action() is user-defined function :smiley:

if(jointheteam) { action("MSG ME ON SKYPE"); } else { action("PM ME ON THE FORUMS"); }

Had to be said :stuck_out_tongue:

This also works :smiley:

boolean jointheteam = true;

System.out.println(“Pm me on the forums!”);

System.out.println(“Msg me on skype!”); [/code]

since its only one line it does not need brackets, or at least thats what the UIL instructor tells us.

The sheep is freakin hilarious… I had nightmares of the first modeling >_>

import scanner.class
public class HelloWorld
public static void Strin([] args)
System.out.printin("Hello world")
name = next.input
system.out.printin("My name is" name ".")

But that is about as far as my coding goes. i cannot do GUI’s. i can only make a program that accepts inputs and creates an output. i can make a speed calculator but it is pretty simple :P.