Octopus Exports Inc

Come and visit Octopus Exports Inc. We’ve got amazing prices and offers and now a non-rule breaking sign!
We’re currently selling:

[ul][li]Mycelium - SPECIAL OFFER: 3 for $5[/li]
[li]Stone Brick - A WHOLE STACK for just $15 7[/li]
[li]Wool - Coming soon[/li]
[li]Red and Brown Mushrooms - Coming Soon[/li]
[li]Coal - Coming Soon[/li][/ul]

Anything you want us to stock? Just let us know!
Seen prices cheaper elsewhere? We’ll beat it by 5%!
[move]We’re looking for someone to run our mycelium farm. If you have the skill get in touch. Paid by the stack. Wages negotiable.[/move]

Not trying to be rude, but you’re claims simply aren’t true. Since stonebrick = stone the price is 66% higher than that of the server average. And a whole 87.5% higher than my store.

If you really wanted to be 5% cheaper than my shop, you’d sell for $7.6 a stack.

I sort of didn’t investigate prices that much but I’m lowering the price to $7. But if you lower your prices I won’t unless asked because that harms the economy.