October Build Contest

You all probably know by now but whatever.

This month’s contest is to build a…

[shadow=orange,left]HAUNTED HOUSE!!![/shadow]

Rules are as usual.
No groups for this one.

1st place: Used in a special Halloween event!

The contest will be judged on how creepy the house is inside and out.

Aw c’mon man why you gotta make it like this? IMO I don’t wanna build this alone XD

I’m guessing the reason for no groups has something to do with the prize. Perhaps if teams elected an individual from their team to be the sole prize winner, then teams could be allowed.

Is this the case Ruby?

Or the prize is split between the group? If a second an third is added anyway.

this is great! I cant wait to see who wins it :slight_smile:

I plan on getting full minecraft before halloween… So I would love to participate if I can :wink:

Just checking is this is survival or creative?
If it is not in creative it should be, as cobweb is unobtainable in survival.

It is obtainable semi you just need to have silk touch.

Nope, it is completely unobtainable.
Look on the wiki.

Weeell you can always buy web at spookys :wink:

It is on survival. But if you want there can be 2 contests running side by side, but the creative one will not have any prizes other than gloating rights.

maybe there should be a way to obtain it other than through Spookys… unless Ka has obtained an insumountable amount.

I have a fair bit :> …