@octo and @mann

congrats on sop or something idk

edit: you probs deserve it or some shit like that

edit2: they got the rank

Thanks Asmo, and thanks to all those in the community for the support over the time I’ve been apart of PCB. I hope I can fill these quite large shoes!

Congrats to you too Octo, i’m sure you’ll make a fantastic addition to the team.

Congratulations Mannriah and Octo!! ;D

Congrats on SOP, Manning and Octo! Both of you deserve it!

and for the shoes?

fun fact: our current SOPs all wear child’s size crocs.



BTW congrats for SOP! that is some effort to get till that point!

CONGRATS! :smiley: u earned it!! :smiley:

Uhh… well… I thought there was more to it than that? Now it’s time to read the secret SOP boards and get my share of the embezzled donations.

Congrats too mann!

Congrats, Mann and Octo!! (: You guys definitely deserve it!

Congrats guys I am sure you will make great SOUPS. xD


Congrats guys!

Congratulations, you two! Both of you are awesome dudes and you totally deserved it.

Have fun with all those new secret staffy things that fancy new red tag!


actually fixed

Wow! what an achievement! As for you Manning you really deserve it! within 2 or so years you have become a SOP! congratulations bro :slight_smile:

As for octo, I had always saw you as a sop :wink: I bet you will do a great job!

Congratulations on becoming a Senior Operator, Octo, and Manning. I remember when Manning joined the staff team, and when Octo created his fan club. I don’t know where Octo’s fan-base went, but I’ll take it that it still exists. Manning is online almost daily, so in case any rules were to be broken, or we have a guest that joined the server, we could have an SOP online. Anyway, you two will make PCB a more protected, and welcoming server. :slight_smile:

There are still some members, Javi for example.

Congrats you two, totes deserve it. I dont know octo well but I know he is some sort of meme god. So, grats dude

As for manning, oml im so proud of you. You are one of my closest friends on PCB and to have known you for quite a while and to see this wonderful promotion, man it makes my heart warm. You’re like a big brother to me, you let me complain about my non-existent love life and you let me rant about all my silly issues. You have always been there for me and impacted my life and not let me be an idiot. I am SO proud of you. I love you manning. <3333

one small step for mankind, one large step for octoforadmin

Y’all gonna be gr8. We have faith in the two of you =)

Congrats guysss!! You really deserve this. We all feel great for you right now. :slight_smile:

  • Queenie xx

I’m glad you do, I don’t even have faith in me xD joking