Logged on today, and checked to see what levels were loaded, i see ‘ocean’ and think ’ oh great! a water map! :smiley:
so i head there, and realise there is one major design flaw with this map. As you probably all know, you cant build on the adminium boreders at the base and sides of the map. This means, because this map is LITERALLY just water, it is not possible to place any blocks.
I think this map should be deleted, with a new one made, or Andy could edit it, if at all posssible, to have some thing like dirt covering the borders, and randomised to look ‘natural’.

simple way to make a block if you are in the air or if other wise you cant, just use /place , it will place a block at your feet =]… i should stop reading the mclawl commands for fun… XD

xD ill edit the map for them then xD