... O_o


Bleahbhej-wn… O_o

Now that’s a LEGIT train station. Alrighty men, lets get to buildin!

We need to make a fortress :stuck_out_tongue: I make make a town within walls n shizzle. With a boardwalk. Somehow. OK! thats my next project then xD

Hmm. Methinks we should host weekly building events (video timelapse)


Or we could have freebuild fridays :stuck_out_tongue:

Like, every friday load up a different map where item spawning is enabled and we can just… build :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe load a flat map :smiley:

That’s really epic especially the underground section. The weekly building events timelapsed would be fun :slight_smile:

Great idea andy! Now we can finally dust off our youtube channel!

I like ruby’s idea, maybe we should enable it for trusted+?

That’s why I said freebuild fridays. on fridays everybody can be on a different map and have /give regardless of rank and then we can build awesome stuff like that train station :stuck_out_tongue:

There is one problem though, some idiot would spawn a inv full of diamonds and store it in a chest, then keep it till later

To stop them keeping items, we could wipe everyone’s inventories after the Friday (if possible_. perhaps even a freebuild weekend, every fortnight? This would give us more time to post ideas in a thread, and vote on them to see what we build, and we would get more time to build it too.

It would have to be a separate world for sure and I dont think it has to be a scheduled thing, every once and a while we can say hey lets do it on whatever date we decide on and leading up to that we can decide what to build and when that time comes we can just attack it and throw it up on youtube or whatever, and after that day just return things to normal. But I agree somebody will definitely try and sneak back to the world with some supplies but oh well if we catch them, then fine and if not oh well.

Oo, I like that name! Perhaps the best way to handle the items is to simply load up a new world every time (maybe with the same seed so we can Copy + Paste it over when done) which has independent player inventories. That way people can’t bring things back to the original world.

I think we should try to recreate some sort of city (Fictional or Real) and work on a different building of that city each Friday.

Definitely the same seed so it can be copied over

Recrating a city or game environment would be epic… and for sure the same seed for amazing things we build from projects and stuff. Maybe a certain designated space for all the creations made? And a warp to show it off?

Am I the only one who stays in all week-end, in the darkness?

Dear lord that video was amazing. This is what I will show people who have never heard of Minecraft before.

If it can be maintained, freebuild fridays is a great idea. I simply hope people will work together for such lengths. I do not wish to see the separate map empty… I would be sad.