NPC skins

Hi there. Introductape.

I heard a while ago that you have NPC merchants. So I made some skins for them.

Here they are:

The dwarf, for NPC merchant that sells ores (raw blocks, coal?)

The blacksmith, for tools and armour.

Basic merchant, for blocks?

Chef for your daily dose of bread, wheat, weed, and cake.

I’ll make some more later.

The NPC’s were removed due to a lag issue, although it’s only temporary. Put screenshots of your skins up in this post. That will make it way easier for one of the admins to decide if they want to use any of them.

Yeah, oh well. I might release them anyway.

…and a cup of tea, please.

There you go, some nice skins. Now I hope the whole system is made like I had in mind.

Thanks, that will make your request easier for the admins to process. So you’re going for a WoW type theme?

I don’t know, I haven’t got WoW.

I like em!

Ooh, thanks Kyle!

Sorry to say this but it’s not currently possible in Minecraft to emulate a skin server-side. As much as I’d love to use these, the only way to do this is to actually name the NPC an account that already exists with a skin which the client then grabs - thus we were able to have Notch (skinned with a cape) in bigcity.

Sorry :frowning:

Well, perhaps I could masquerade as a shop owner and freak people out?

You could use my skin. Everyone would love to buy items from Spider-man.

LOL, why not buy items from the hulk? :smiley:

Oh goddamghqadheheHAHAHAfuuuu. So it doesn’t work? There is no way to code it?

Um, I think you guys should seriously consider the new food NPC to be me… AKA cookie monster. How funny would that be every time you bought a cookie…


This is sewious! It would be cool if someone got to code such a thing, my brother is good at coding, I’ll try asking him sometime.

I don’t think it’s a matter of coding. You can’t really code NPC’s to have specific skins.

Like I said before, it’s not possible server-side. The client downloads the skin from for the person’s name it sees. For instance, you can’t have an NPC called “MrCrazy” with Notch’s skin unless an actual (bought) account exists called “MrCrazy” and happens to have Notch’s skin.

I don’t know any other way to explain this :confused:

Yeah, I see now. Pity it isn’t possible :confused:

Unless the server buys accounts and uses the skins, but that costs money…