NPC Prices: Farming Items

The current prices for buying and selling to the farm NPC are as follows:
Item, Quantity, Buy price, Sell price
Seeds, 1, 1, n/a
Wheat, 1, 2, 1
Sugarcane, 20, 2, 1
Egg, 1, 5, 4
Milk bucket, 1, 8, 6
Iron hoe, 1, 10, 8

Please discuss what you think needs to be adjusted. We need to find the right balance between allowing people to make some money off farming, compared to those who make money through killing mobs.

Milk bucket and Iron Hoe should be more expensive, in contrast with the material being used, which is iron. But I understand that the uses of the two is limited, so it’s cheaper. But I still suggest to raise the prices a bit to level the expense between the product and the material used.

Other than that, I’m ok with the prices, especially the Sugarcane. Seems that sugar cane become somewhat like drugs in real life (I think like Marijuana? Lol dunno…), wherein they secretly grow these plants in massive scale, easily harvest the plants, and sell them off in huge quantities.

Haha. I LOLed when Nek harvested 640 in one of those secret underground “labs”

I then did what SWAT teams do when they come across secret Sugar Cane harvest laboratories.

I set fire to everything.

Jokes, double posting, and necro’ing aside, what has become of this, Spec?

Jokes, double posting, and necro'ing

… Are you feeling okay Nek?

These seem good to me, as easy as some of them are to get, it balances out with the new mob spawn rate and the amount of drops that you get.

We disabled the ability to sell anything to admin shops except for diamonds. We may not have diamonds sellable this time round though.

Nek was trying to tie up loose ends in the boards. Things that were abandoned and the like.