Updated 07APR2014

As some of you may have noticed, I have begun a new city/town project since the fall of Farcoast. The current working title of the city is Novium, and it is located at X:3350, Z:-3060.

The city is a floating city, and it exists a bit above cloud level. Residences will be for sale eventually within the city, but I will be including an open freebuild on the ground below for anyone who asks to live in the city. I haven’t yet figured out quite all of the details concerning how Novium will be expanding, but I will update this thread as information is generated.

The Novian Government is currently accepting resources, and will pay for Logs (Oak, Dark Oak, Spruce), Smoothstone (Excess Bulk Quantities), Glass, and glowstone. To acquire a job for the Novian government, or if you have any questions about Novium itself, please send a private message or mail to me.


When I was there I noticed you had to roads crossing at the center you should have those roads lead across bridges
to more platforms when necessary you should build more expand across the sky onward upward outward

Damnit, meta! I though you said residents will be for sale, thanks for getting my hopes up.

Man, this server needs more slavery.

I currently plan to create bridges to other platforms, and possibly some floating structures at higher elevations.

Sorry, the slave trade appears to have shut down for now. Rest in peace, Slavecoast.

Seeing as how the floating city itself does not have a freebuild, construction not performed by the Novian government will be allowed only if it can fit in with the existing appearance and organization. That being said, if you show me what you plan to create and how it can fit it, then I might be able to find a spot for you.

As for the government of Novium, I don’t really have any specific position needs at the moment, but that could be discussed in-game.

Would you consider a partnership with wildefay? I’ve seen novium. It’s one of the most promising places i have seen. But it is small right now. And like you said, needs resourses. Both out towns are friendless civilisations built out of nothing more than the blocks we found waiting for us on the land that would be great (and in novium a case, under sky), but like I said, small. But I think together, if wildefay helps supply your town, in return for services, an maybe even a partnership, we could rule these blocks. So, as the Vice President of wildefay, speaking on behalf of our town, I extend my hand to you, and ask for an allience.

Also I just ate a carrot. It was nice.

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