hi I would just like to say that ive noticed some people haven’t been very nice to me on the server and would like to say that I am a very nice person if you get to know me better. I get bullied a lot in school and ill get mad so please someone if I get mad calm me down

You can just report them on the forums if that happens.

I admit, sometimes people can get a bit moody on pcb, but that should be a one off. If they behave in a disrespectful way than what Marco said is good.

This incident is to do with mine and Olyates123 visit to SunsetHill (Grantkirby’s town).

He was asking if anyone wanted to have a house in his town and me and Oly were a bit bored of building so decided to come check it out. We had a look in the house and decided to move in so started laying a carpet. Whilst doing so Oly made a “rude picture”, i.e he laid a carpet in the form of the male private parts on the floor as a joke. Grant did not like this and deleted it which was fair enough. I did go on to place another whilst building even though Grant told us not as another little giggle however we didn’t plan to take it any further. I agree this was maybe not the right thing for me to do but it was fairly harmless. After doing so, Grant began saying in chat he was being griefed. He then went on to build his own “rude structure” and tried to get Oly blamed for it. As soon as Oly mentioned the mods could block log to see who placed the blocks, Grant quickly got rid of it. In the end we decided to just leave and to ban GrantKirby from our city as did not want anyone who was trying to get us in trouble and banned for things we didn’t do., We were not mean during the process just simply told him we were banning him from the UI.

We apologise if we caused any upset and are willing to forgive Grant but we won’t be unbanning him from our city.

cookie u were not the only thing and I thank u for apologizing to me. but other people say things so I decided to put a notice on forums so people know that it can hurt people with lots of spall things = 1 big thing